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Tool of the Week

  • Students can learn so much from each other! That’s why this week’s FREE tool is a table, “Cooperative Learning Strategies,” which lists a variety of cooperative learning activities through which students can develop their social skills. Activities such as “turn-to-your-neighbor” and “think-pair-share” allow students to directly interact with one another so they can practice social ...
  • This week’s FREE tool is an information packed table that itemizes possible student behaviors and emotions during a crisis episode with corresponding suggestions for teacher responses. The table is intended to help teachers manage and diminish crisis episodes while also providing prompting to help teachers and students learn from the incident once it is over. ...
  • Oftentimes, disruptive behavior is an indicator of something other than willfulness or disobedience. For students with disabilities, behaviors can indicate a student’s deficits, frustrations, or simple attempts to communicate desires. Many times, a child can be taught a different, more appropriate behavior that will achieve the same end. This week’s FREE tool is a table, ...
  • The New Year is underway, and the school year is nearing a midway point for many, so we figured it’s time for some reflection. That’s why this week’s FREE tool, is a nifty Co-teaching Rating Scale to help you and your teaching partner evaluate your work and improve communication. So put your self-reflective glasses on ...

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Policy Insider: Legislative Update

  • Acting U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. just released new guidance to states to help identify and eliminate low quality, redundant or unhelpful testing. This guidance addresses the use of current federal dollars under NCLB during school years 2015 – 2016 and 2016 – 2017 only. King talks more about the guidance in this video.

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