2017 TECBD Conference

2017 TECBD / CCBD Conference










40th annual Teacher Educators for Children with Behavioral Disorders (TECBD) Conference

in conjunction with

CCBD and Arizona State University


Arizona State University, in collaboration with CCBD, is proud to announce the Call for Proposals for the

40th annual Teacher Educators for Children with Behavioral Disorders (TECBD) Conference


October 26-28, 2017 
Tempe, AZ



All proposals must be submitted by July 1, 2017.

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TECBD 2017 Proposal Submission


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Continued Concerns and New Directions: 40 Years of TECBD

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2017 Annual TECBD Conference
On Severe Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth
October 26-28, 2017 Tempe Mission Palms, Tempe Arizona

The Teacher Educators for Children with Behavior Disorders (TECBD) conference invites proposals for the Richard E. Shores Strand in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD). The purpose of this annual, recurring event is to showcase current research in an area of critical importance to the field. Below you will see calls for proposals in two topic areas. The academic interventions topic area will be held at the 2017 conference and the implementation science topic area will be held at the 2018 conference. Contributing scholars will have the opportunity to present as part of the Shores strand and to work with other contributors to pursue a special issue on the topic with intended submission to the Journal of Behavioral Disorders. Please note that special issues based on strand contributions will need to undergo a full review process and acceptance by a journal. Interested researchers should submit a 200-word abstract on the topic to either Kimberly Vannest (kvannest@tamu.edu) or Daniel M. Maggin (dmaggin@uic.edu). Early proposals submissions are encouraged, inquiries welcome.

2017 Theme: Academic Interventions for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Proposals submissions due April 1, 2017, manuscripts for accepted proposals due October 1, 2017

The need for academic interventions that are specific for students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) is increasingly becoming recognized as an imperative. Recent research in a range of academic areas have examined the use of instructional interventions for students with intensive behavioral needs. The purpose of the 2017 Shores Strand will be to highlight current and ongoing research in this area. Presenters will provide participants with overviews of their current, empirical research examining academic interventions for students with EBD with a particular emphasis on the adaptations and modifications that are needed to make these instructional paradigms work for those students with the most intensive needs. As such, we invite proposals for the strand from the special education research community.

2018 Theme: Implementation Science for the Field of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Proposals submissions due February 1, 2018, Manuscripts due October 1, 2018

Implementation Science is described as the scientific study of methods to promote the uptake of research findings and needed for integration of research findings into practice settings.  In general implementation science investigates prominent barriers to improving service delivery (social, behavioral, economic, knowledge & skills). Within the field of Behavioral Disorders implementation science issues may focus on the challenges and barriers associated with a lack of treatment protocols, de-emphasis on fidelity of implementation in the field, low-expectations for the population, high attrition of students and or teachers, a lack of naturalistic implementation in research, a lack of generalization and maintenance data in the published research.  Studies may include coaching protocols, feedback practices, issues related to parent or caregiver implementation, training, or transfer of skills.  Submissions should be experimental studies or other empirical work regarding process evaluation, policy, or empirical reviews of literature.

TECBD Conference Overview

The Annual Teacher Educators for Children with Behavior Disorders Conference is the premier educational research conference for teacher educators working with children and youth with severe behavioral disorders. Established in Arizona in 1976 by Dr. Robert B. Rutherford with the mission to disseminate quality research in the field and to help students, educators, and university faculty alike, TECBD continues as a leading venue for showcasing the in research and practice.

Richard E. Shores Research Strand Overview

The Dick Shores research strand was established by Richard Shores, a graduate of Peabody College (later merged with Vanderbilt), who held a position at the University of Wisconsin before become a professor at the University of Kansas where he was department head and senior scientist at the Life Span Institute and the Bureau of Child Research. He received the lifetime achievement award from CCBD, the Award for Excellence in Teacher Education from Vanderbilt, and the outstanding leadership award from the Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders (MSLBD). TECBD continues to sponsor the Dick Shores Research Strand as a part of their conference each year as a testament to his lifetime achievements and impact on the field.  The strand maintains his tradition of excellence and the focus on empirically grounded practices for teachers and clinicians in working with students with disabilities. Inaugural co-chairs of the strand were Maureen Conroy and James (Jim) Fox.

Presentations will occur successively on the same day as part of the conference with opening and closing comments and discussion by the co-chairs.  Presentations are accepted in relationship to the strand theme, the empirical basis of the work and 4-6 sessions are expected.  The concluding summary and discussion are expected to produce interaction and high-level discourse about issues important for the field.  Successful presentations will include a paper submission to Behavioral Disorders for a Dick Shores Research Strand, special issue

Thank you and please contact either of the co-chairs if you have any questions about the strand or Heather Griller Clark the conference coordinator at ASU.

Kimberly J. Vannest                                                 Daniel M. Maggin
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Texas A&M University                                              University of Illinois at Chicago


For information about the conference:
Heather Griller Clark
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