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“One of the most important and interesting works in our field”  Bryan Cook.

Please keep an eye out for the next issue of Behavioral Disorders 41 (2) and the Invited Forum article summarizing and commenting on their (growing) body of research showing that, everything else being equal (i.e., controlling for academic, behavioral, and economic factors), minority students are actually under-represented in EBD and other disability categories (Evidence and Implications of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Identification and Treatment, Morgan & Farkas).


Marty Lynn Smith Scholarships

Marty’s friends, daughter, and family, in partnership with the PBIS Forum and Teacher Educators for Children with Behavioral Disorders (TECBD), offer several scholarships in her memory.

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Tool of the Week

  • Got a spring in your step? Spring flowers and welcome sunshine make this a great time of year to take a “listening walk.” That’s why this week’s FREE tool is a science lesson plan for teaching the fiction book, The Listening Walk. The lesson uses this story to teach K-3 science concepts around organisms and ...
  • April showers bring more than May flowers. They also bring notices of admissions status from many colleges and universities. If your students are busy making tough decisions about where to go to college next year, you’ll like this week’s FREE tool. It’s a table: Commonly Requested Accommodations for higher education. You and your students can ...
  • This week’s FREE tool is a list of sample paraprofessional tasks and activities to help teachers distinguish between instruction and support in the classroom. This list will help paraprofessionals draw boundaries around what they should and shouldn’t be asked to do for students. It will also show teachers the valuable support services paraprofessionals can provide. ...
  • School counselors wear many hats, so this week’s FREE tool is a flow chart to help these everyday super heroes wear their special education hat more easily. The chart provides a quick view of the role school counselors can play to support teachers, students and families as a student moves through the eligibility process for ...

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Pennsylvania State University

The Special Education Program at Penn State is seeking an enthusiastic individual to join a team of experienced faculty members who teach courses about inclusive practices. A blended model of instructional delivery is used. This approach, which is sometimes described as “flipping the classroom,” requires students to view lecture materials out of class and attend one class session per week to engage in a culminating activity designed to help synthesize the content. For more information click here


2016 CEC Convention CCBD tee-shirts can be purchased through PayPal and then picked up at the CCBD membership table in the expo hall or purchased directly at the table while you are in St. Louis. For more information click here.


Join us for the CCBD Social on Thursday, April 14th in St. Louis, MO host city for the 2016 CEC National Conference.  The CCBD Social will be at Flamingo Bowl (1117 Washington Ave, St. Louis Mo 63101).  For more information click here.


Pennsylvania State University

The Special Education Program at Penn State is seeking a qualified individual to teach in the on-line graduate program beginning June 1, 2016. The new fixed-term faculty member will teach graduate courses in special education and applied behavior analysis via the World Campus and advise incoming World Campus students in one of three areas of emphasis for the M. Ed. (Applied Behavior Analysis, Academic and Behavioral Supports, and Autism).  For more information click here

Policy Insider: Legislative Update

  • On April 19th, the American Bar Association’s Commission on Disability Rights hosted a panel discussion on Rethinking School Discipline: Disability Law the Case for Reform Featuring two panels – one of attorneys and one of educators – the event addressed disparities in school discipline as it affects students with disabilities and students of color. Panel members, representing attorneys, educators, school administrators, policy-makers, advocates from national and state organizations, and federal agency officials, discussed the prevalence of the problem, and examined protections offered under IDEA that can be used to stop exclusionary discipline measures as well as opportunities under the Every...

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