April 2013 27 - 1

President's Message

Kristine J. Melloy, Ph.D. 


Your Executive Committee Hard At Work!

“CCBD is an international community of educators which is the voice and vision of special education for children and youth with or at risk of emotional and behavioral disorders. CCBD is a diverse, vibrant professional organization that works together and with others to ensure that these students are valued and included in all aspects of life. CCBD is a trusted leader in shaping education policy and practices and is globally renowned for its expertise and leadership in: 

  • Promoting and publishing research that improves policy and practice for children and youth with or at risk of emotional and behavioral disorders;
  • Providing professional development opportunities that improve policy and practice for children and youth with or at risk of emotional and behavioral disorders;
  • Advocating on behalf of individuals with emotional and behavioral disorders and partnering with other organizations and individuals who share this commitment; and
  • Extending critical professional support to our colleagues in these endeavors, the members of CCBD. “

(CCBD Mission Statement, Adopted by the CCBD Executive Committee, January 6, 2009)

As a member of CCBD you may wonder who ensures that the mission of CCBD is lived out and how the work of CCBD gets done. The CCBD Executive Committee (EC), an elected and appointed body of 18 volunteers, are responsible for collaborating with you, the CCBD committees, and others to complete the work entrusted to us on behalf of children and youth with EBD. Jamie Thompson, Executive Secretary, is our one paid staff person who masterfully coordinates the behind the scenes work and gently manages all of us to make things happen. Throughout the year, the EC meets in two face to face meetings per year and on monthly conference calls. In between face to face and conference call meetings, members of the EC in collaboration with many of you complete work through many hours of service. The work gets done virtually, through committee work and just plane old fashioned hours of labor in order to get the work done! 

During the first week of April, the EC met in one of their two annual face to face meetings in conjunction with the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Convention in San Antonio, Texas. Although the agenda was full for the EC’s day and a half of meetings, one significant thing we completed was in the form of a statement that was developed in response to the NRA’s School Shield Program that was released on April 2.

The CCBD statement, adopted by the EC, reiterates our stance that arming educators and our partners with prevention strategies to promote mental, academic, social and behavioral health is crucial for school safety. In essence, the statement provides recommendations for interventions that include the following for preventing the behaviors that may lead to violent acts:

  • Universal screening of all children for mental health and school safety risk factors.
  • Explicit instruction in academic and social/emotional learning in our nation’s schools.
  • Timely referral and ready access to mental health services for individuals identified as needing such resources.
  • A continued effort at heightening public awareness of mental wellness, including reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. 

Addressing these issues through a partnership between education, juvenile justice, mental health, social welfare and community engagement systems must be a critical part of any effort to keep everyone safe, including our most vulnerable young citizens. The entire statement may be accessed at http://ccbd.net/?q=node/141 .

Following our EC meetings, committees of the EC met including the Professional Development, Advocacy and Governmental Affairs, Publications, and Regional Services and Membership. Each of these meetings resulted in moving forward the EC’s strategic plan.

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) co-chaired by Kelley Lassman and Claudia Rinaldi, continues to successfully plan the upcoming conference “A Brighter Future: Prevention and Intervention on Behalf of Students with Challenging Behaviors” to be held September 26 – 28, 2013 Chicago, Illinois. Be sure to register for the conference at http://www.ccbd.net/?q=node/138. The PDC also discussed other work that will meet the needs of members regarding professional development including ideas for e-learning. To that end, the EC assigned J.T. Taylor, Representative A, to the PDC to work on special projects related to use of technology to promote professional development opportunities. 

During the Advocacy and Governmental Affairs Committee meeting, facilitated by chairperson  Susan Albrecht, the members discussed the recent publication of the paper on disproportionality in an upcoming issue of Behavioral Disorders and posting of CCBD’S Position Summary on Federal Policy on Disproportionality in Special Education on CCBD’s website http://www.ccbd.net/?q=node/140. They also moved forward on the development of a white paper on school mental health to be completed by summer, 2013. 

The Publications Committee, chaired by Carl Liaupsin, focused on the fact that our journals, Behavioral Disorders and Beyond Behavior are on track for publication and distribution. There was discussion that the CCBD Newsletter continues to have high readership given its online nature. Members of the committee discussed that they put out a call for applications for new editors for Beyond Behavior and they received an immediate positive response. The committee is confident that they will have new editors in place by July 1, 2013.

Lonna Moline, chairperson of the Regional Services and Membership Committee, reported that the Regional Coordinators, Subdivision Presidents and State Representatives meeting was very well attended. The enthusiastic discussion and reports on involvement from all regions in the country was heartening. This group of leaders provided good representation of the 3400 current members of CCBD. As of the meeting, many regions in the country have active involvement or promises of someone to promote that involvement.  In addition, Lonna coordinated the “CCBD Member Roundup” which was the theme for our booth in the CEC Expo where hundreds of convention attendees stopped by to visit with one of the many volunteers available at the booth to chat about CCBD. Please see Lonna’s RSM report in this newsletter for more RSM information.

In addition to the committee meetings, members of the EC facilitated two other meetings during the CEC Convention. J.T. Taylor, Representative A, and Shelley Neilsen Gatti, Representative B, facilitated the Membership Concerns Meeting. A record number of persons attended the meeting and expressed concerns related to issues including teaching conditions and ideas for professional development. J.T. and Shelley planned to share their concerns at the Representative Assemble meeting during the CEC Convention week and with the CCBD EC.

The CCBD General Business Meeting was very well attended with standing room only. As President, I facilitated the meeting that included great reports by members of the EC for each of their respective offices. Joe Ryan, Vice President, presented the CCBD awards as follows: 

  • Outstanding Professional Performance Award – David Sudia
  • Fenichel Award – Mickey Losinski
  • Howard Muscott Distinguished Service Award – Sheldon Braaten


Outgoing members of the EC were recognized for their service with words of thanks and plaques that were presented to the following persons:

  • Ed Cancio – Secretary
  • Shelley Neilsen Gatti – Representative B
  • James Collins – Student Member at Large
  • Susan Albrecht – Advocacy and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairperson
  • Carl Liaupsin – Publications Committee Chairperson
  • Peter Altier – Beyond Behavior, Editor
  • Tim Landrum – Beyond Behavior, Editor

If you get a chance, please send an email to these persons to thank them for their years of service on the EC. Their email addresses can be found http://www.ccbd.net/?q=node/2


Another event of the week was the CCBD President’s Reception. It was very well attended by members of CCBD and friends. US Assistant Secretary Michael Yudin and OSEP Director Melody Musgrove stopped by along with many familiar faces of CCBD. Most encouragingly though is that many new faces were there – I hope that you were among those of us who were able to take part in the fun and celebration. If not, perhaps you will join us in Chicago at the CCBD Conference in September.

 One final event of the week was the CCBD Foundation Fundraiser on Friday night. Twelve persons met at the Alamo for a walk on The King William Historic District. This tour was designed to introduce the participants to the district's culinary finds while including some of the history of this unique, downtown neighborhood. Naomi Schoenfield, CCBD Foundation President, and EC member, chose a fabulous event for this year’s fundraiser!


Your CCBD EC works tirelessly in service to you as members and on behalf of children and youth with EBD. Without you, our work would be meaningless. Thank you for the privilege to serve.


Thank you for your great work too,



Submitted by Joe Ryan, VP CCBD


This April at the annual Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) conference in San Antonio, Texas CCBD was proud to announce this year’s award winners, including: 


CCBD’s Outstanding Professional Performance Award (David Sudia)

CCBD’s Outstanding Professional Performance Award is for an outstanding practicing professional who works directly with children and/or youth with severe behavioral disorders. David Sudia is a special education teacher with the Intensive Center for Affective Needs (I-CAN) program with Boulder Valley Schools in Colorado. His principal reports that he’s the best special educator she’s ever had the pleasure of observing. His practice is cutting edge, he is highly collaborative and forward thinking.  During his tenure with ICAN he has worked tirelessly to revamp the program using a multi-tiered system of support and focused on supports for Tier 1 & 2.  He’s well-versed in research-based practices and stays current through literature, professional conversations, and attending a range of professional development opportunities.  In addition, he’s incorporated technology in the classroom for students and for behavioral observations and data tracking.  He’s the chair of the SWBIS leadership team. David demonstrates his passion for helping children with behavioral disorders on a daily basis and is truly top notch. 


CCBD’s Howard Muscott Distinguished Service Award (Dr. Sheldon Braaten)

Dr. Sheldon Braaten was awarded the Howard Muscott Distinguished Service Award which recognizes service to CCBD which is well above and beyond the normal responsibilities of members who are elected or who are serving on appointed committees.  Sheldon has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to CCBD, having served in various offices including those of president and, in recent time, chair of the professional development committee (PDC).  In addition to serving in these offices he has provided services and assistance to the Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana’s subdivisions of CCBD.  Sheldon has a life-long history committed to improving the educational outcomes of students with emotional and behavioral disorders.  He has organized and presided over 30 years of the bi-annual meetings of the International Conference for Child and Adolescents, a conference respected for its quality of topics presented and its roster of presenters. Sheldon held the position of Distinguished Professor in the Department of Special Education at Ball State University for nine years, during which time he drew many students to the doctoral program, growing the program to its highest number of degrees awarded in many years previous and since.  Sheldon has devoted his career to helping persons who have been largely forgotten or scorned by others.  From his early career as a teacher and therapist for students with autism, to his administrative assignments in special education programs, and to his leadership within the Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents, Sheldon has displayed a dedication to service and excellence.  Sheldon’s leadership and advocacy for students with E/BD has been tireless and a model to many of us in the field.


CCBD’s Carl Fenichel Award (Mickey Losinski)

Mickey Losinski was given CCBD’s Carl Fenichel Award which is given to a student conducting a research project, thesis, or dissertation in the area of children with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. Mr. Losinski’s dissertation is entitled Examining the use of Structural Analysis for developing interventions for students at-risk.  In addition to his dissertation, he has also been involved in a variety of research projects regarding policy issues, with an emphasis on at-risk students. These manuscripts are published or scheduled to be published in highly respected journals, such as Intervention in School and Clinic and NASSP Bulletin.  In addition, Mickey is currently working on a number of research projects involving (a) state policies on the administration of medication, (b) the self-efficacy of undergraduate teacher education students in regards to later special education involvement, (c) pre-service teachers attitudes towards individuals with mental illness, including developing an instrument to measure attitudes, and (d) an examination of the effect of mood disorders on school engagement.


A “Community of Practice for Behavioral Health” Only Makes Sense If You Do It

Part 2 in a series of discussions about the COP

Mike Paget, Treasurer, CCBD


It wasn’t a plan on my part. Honestly, I didn’t really decide to ask family members and other professionals to help us deal with their children/clients. It just didn’t make sense not to ask for the opinions, insights, and help from others who were already connected to my students.


For a number of years I worked in a “psychoeducational” program, where we integrated special education services and mental health treatment for a challenging group of middle and high school students. I remember Cassandra, a 9th grader who walked the streets at night, who was so smart, but without enough family support, but who was so resourceful. She viewed all the agencies as resources, and she contacted them when she needed help. I was taken with her ability to get help, and amused when she reached into her hip pocket and produced a list of social workers and related helpers who were already working with her. They represented mental health, social services, and juvenile justice. So we invited them to our meetings. And all of us quickly realized that we had a better chance of 24/7 prevention if each person contributed. So my first experience with this “community of practice” was created by my students!

The concept of this “community of practice” sounds so abstract when it comes from agencies. But I suspect that you, or your students, have this list of “hip pocket helpers.” Spend some time identifying the others who are working with your students. Yes, you’ve got to work through your channels, you’ve got to get your students’ parents’ support, and your job’s permission, to create that community of practice for your students. If you have a story you would like to share, consider sending it in to the next newsletter. We learn so much from the creative and caring work that you do with your students.


2013 International CCBD conference: Keynote Speaker - Dr. Greg Benner

The PDC is happy to announce the 2013 International CCBD conference Keynote- Dr. Greg Benner.

Dr. Gregory J. Benner is a Professor of Special Education at the University of Washington - Tacoma and Executive Director and founder of the Center for Strong Schools in Tacoma, Washington.  He specializes in preventive approaches for meeting the academic and social/emotional needs of students, particularly those with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). He has helped to build the capacity of educators nationwide to implement and sustain response to intervention (RtI) systems. In 2002, he was awarded the Wesley Becker Award for Outstanding Research. His co–authored book entitled, "Instructional Practices for Students with Behavioral Disorders: Strategies for Reading, Writing, and Math" is part of the What Works for Special Needs Learners Series published by Guilford Press. He recently served as Principal Investigator on an Institute of Education Sciences-funded Goal 3 Efficacy Study. Dr. Benner currently serves as Associate Editor for Behavioral Disorders and Remedial and Special Education and on the editorial review board for theJournal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and the Journal of Behavioral Education. Dr. Benner has over 200 presentations and publications that reflect his ability to disseminate research findings and best practices to the field.  Don't miss him!

2013 International CCBD conference: Register now!!

Attention, Attention, Conference Attendees


We want you to relax and enjoy yourself at the 2013 International CCBD Conference in Chicago. 

Register by May 1, 2013 to be entered into a drawing to have your room upgraded to a suite compliments of CCBD and Marriot Hotels.



Membership News



What a great opportunity I had meeting so many of you at the CEC conference in Texas. I have to admit that we certainly had the loudest and most active table! What else would anyone expect from the BD group? We rallied up many new members and got hundreds of information contacts from people interested in hearing more about what we do. 

Our meeting for Regional Coordinators, Subdivision Presidents and State Representative was a fantastic opportunity to hear what the various states and regions are doing. It also provided an opportunity for well-established states to offer help and ideas for the many new members interested in starting up their state subdivision. Hats Off to North Carolina, Alaska, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Tennessee for rounding up the posse and beginning to organize a state subdivision.

We are still looking for contacts in New York, Virginia, Washington D.C., Alabama, and Canada. If you are interested, please contact me! I would love to hear from anyone interested in becoming more involved or just wanting more information. 

I encourage you to go to either the CCBD website or your state website to find out what the most current events are in your region or visit us on Facebook.  You would be amazed at all that is happening at the Local, State, and National levels. So head ‘em up, move ‘em out and get your spurs involved!!

Lonna Moline