Sept 2013 27-3

President's Message

The past few weeks has marked the end of summer and the beginning of another school year for many of us. A very exciting time for educators, students, and families alike as new school outfits are worn, fresh school supplies are opened, new friendships begun, and all embark on a new school adventure. This is also the time for many of us to go back to school ourselves as we work toward our teacher certifications and advanced educational degrees. It is a time of excitement and apprehension as everyone settles into their new school routine. We are wishing everyone a productive, energizing, and safe school year.

This summer the Professional Development Committee of the CCBD Executive Board have been very busy putting the final touches on our upcoming CCBD Conference – being held September 26-28, 2013 in Chicago – themed “A Brighter Future: Prevention and Intervention on Behalf of Students with Challenging Behaviors.” Our conference is timely at the beginning of the school year as it provides a venue for practitioners, families, advocates/policy makers, researchers, teacher trainers, graduate students, and undergraduate students to come together to learn about the most up-to-date strategies, methods, interventions, frameworks, assessments, and models effective for children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders across age spans and settings. It is a wonderful professional development opportunity for individuals and teams of individuals.

There will be over 100 breakout lecture, panel, and poster sessions spanning eight different strands – multi-tiered systems of academic and behavioral supports; issues and trends for children, youth, and families with E/BD in non-school settings; research; law, ethics, and professional development for leadership of children and youth with E/BD; issues and trends for supporting children and youth with E/BD and autism spectrum disorders or multiple disorders; issues and trends of children and youth with E/BD with cultural and linguistically diverse needs; common core, technology, and curriculum implementation for students and youth with E/BD; and multiple uses of assessment for addressing the academic and behavioral needs of children and youth with E/BD. Each strand includes an internationally known featured speaker along with a wide array of other knowledgeable persons.

For those interested in focused faculty development topics, we will be offering interactive sessions on external funding/grants, writing for journals, and publishing books. Plus, there are many opportunities to network with individuals across the field of emotional and behavioral disorders including lunch and learns, mentoring, roundtable discussions, consultancy sessions, and a social during the poster session.

For those interested in attending the conference, the CCBD Foundation is offering scholarships to the conference with information found at If you are up for some evening fun and Chicago sightseeing too, the CCBD fundraiser activity is a river cruise through downtown Chicago.

The 2013 CCBD Conference offers each of you a wonderful opportunity to gain new and emerging knowledge, to implement practical strategies with the children and youth you serve, and to network with scholars, practitioners, families, and students – all of whom have vested interests in improving the services and outcomes of children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders. More information about the conference can be found on our website at We look forward to seeing you at our Chicago CCBD Conference in September.

We at CCBD look forward to serving and working with each of you in this upcoming year as we continue to make the CCBD vision a reality. We will continue to promote and publish research that improves policy and practice for children and youth with or at-risk of E/BD; provide professional development opportunities that improve policy and practice for children and youth with or at-risk of E/BD; advocate on behalf of individuals with E/BD and partnering with other organizations and individuals who share this commitment; and extend critical professional support to our colleagues in these endeavors. As we continue our work this year, we look forward to your active involvement within the organization and your feedback on our activities.

Kristine Jolivette, Ph.D.
President, CCBD


News from RSM

Fall’s around the corner and it is my favorite time of year! Just like falling leaves, excitement seems to be falling all around. The kids are ready to be back at school, families are bustling to get needed supplies, teachers have renewed enthusiasm to get back to the classroom, and opportunities for professional development abound.

Top of the conference list is CHICAGO. I am hoping to see many of you at the National CCBD conference in September. What a great way to get exhilarated for the start of a new school year! The conference will give you a chance to connect with other professionals, as well as, get the most current information in the field. There will be a Regional Services and Membership meeting Friday morning at 7:30. Put it on your calendar! See you there!

Now for the action that is aflutter around regions. CCBDers are energizing their regions!

Many states are working to generate a state division. We have contacts information for you so PLEASE send them an email if you would like to become more engaged in your state.

California-Sheila Lachelt

North Dakota-Ann Goldade

Missouri-Reesha Adamson

Tennessee –Clinton Smith

North CarolinaKimberly Crump

New MexicoKayla Alvdrez

Region 5: Bev Johns (IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, WI) Congratulations to Michael Edwards, immediate past president of Illinois CCBD. For the first time this year, Illinois CCBD held a summer institute in a new location--Springfield, Illinois. The workshop was from 9 a.m.-12 noon and focused on 6 topics with speakers at each group. Individuals could go to their choice of three different 45 minutes sessions during the morning. Over 70 individuals attended and evaluations were great.

Also the board decided to give incentives for membership. If individuals joined CEC at the meeting, they received a free CCBD membership. If they joined and paid for both CEC and CCBD, they received a free registration worth $80 for the February drive in conference. They got 10 new members! *** Take note of their fantastic recruiting ideas!

Region 6 welcomes a new coordinator, Lois Stevens from New Hampshire. A big THANK YOU for stepping up to the plate and representing your region! Anyone from Region 6 (CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT) please contact Lois to say thank you or let her know how you would like to be more involved

Region 10 Canada: George Corbett George reports that the region is alive and doing well! They have a tremendous executive committee and are embedded in the provincial professional learning landscape. Please contact him if you are interested in furthering your personal involvement

In closing, I would like to make a special note of appreciation for Eleanor Guetzloe. Eleanor has been the leader of Region 8 (AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC) for many, many years. She has been instrumental for ages and continues to serve as a mentor for many in her roles of advocacy for educators and for their students with E/BD.

Her enthusiasm is contagious and reignites one's motivation for what we do for students and families with E/BD. We cannot begin to thank her enough.

Let’s carry on Eleanor’s tradition of dedication and excellence! Contact me to become more involved!

Happy Fall,

Lonna Moline


Hello from Representative B

Hello, CCBD members!

As a former marketing consultant to professional service firms, I always want to know "what" and "why." Since becoming a Special Education teacher about 10 years ago, I have had much first hand experience with students who have emotional and behavioral challenges. 

Currently, I have a hybrid classroom of academic and career transition students in a private school in New Jersey. The students are great, and it is fabulous to see them grow into responsible young adults!  In December, I will graduate from the Rutgers University Learning Disabilities Teacher – Consultant program and focus more on assessment and recommending educational programs. 

As your newly elected "Rep B," I would like know your ideas on how to make the organization even better for you. What are your needs and concerns?

We will have a chance to talk in person in Chicago. Or if you like, please email me: or text/call 908-625-1914. 

Valerie LaBoy


AGR Committee Report


It is both a privilege and an honor to be granted the chair of Advocacy and Governmental Relations (AGR) committee of the Council Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD). I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Susan Albrecht who served as the former chair of the AGR Committee for the past eight years. I definitely have some big shoes to fill in taking this position as Dr. Albrecht really went the extra mile in accomplishing the goals of advocacy for children with EBD using her exceptional leadership skills. She has graciously agreed to mentor me as I step in this new role.

 Having served the council as a former secretary and past president of CCBD, I may not be a new face for many of you. I would like to dedicate myself to the mission of CCBD by continuing to improve advocacy efforts for children with EBD. As the new chair of the AGR committee, I will continue to provide you with legislative updates and keep you informed of the new federal initiatives and funding opportunities. I would also love to hear from you all with your comments and suggestions! Continue to share your ideas.

And as always, feel free to contact me at Arizona State University, Division of Innovation and Leadership, Farmer Building 418 C, Tempe, AZ 85287-1811; email: I am always on a quest to meet with new CCBD members and learn about their views and perspectives. I am looking forward to serving you all!

Sarup Mathur



Canadian Member-at-Large Report


As I begin my second year of serving as Canadian Member at Large on the CCBD Executive I want to once again extend an invitation to all of you, our partners and members, to contact me and share with me what your needs may be, how we at CCBD can best serve you, and in particular, how I as your representative can best present your interests on the CCBD Executive Committee. Please email me at

One of the goals set for the upcoming year is to facilitate communication between groups and individual members so that we can all become more aware of the interesting and exciting initiatives happening in our areas. If you are a member of a local interest group, or a provincial/national group that serves the interests of students with behavioural and emotional challenges (youth, parents, educators, advocates, etc.), please contact me to discuss how we at CCBD can be of assistance or better enhance our networking. Forward me a e-mail and let me know what we are doing well, and share with me what is working well for you. Any ideas that you might have to help facilitate dialogue and exchange between similar interest groups would be most welcome. Working together, assisting and learning from one another is the most effective way to enhance the lives of the students and youth we serve...

Throughout the year I want to encourage you to send me any information of upcoming Canadian events that would be useful for CCBD members to be aware of. I will attempt to distribute these in the hopes of increasing the profile of what might be transpiring in Canada in regard to issues, policy, challenges, and programming for students with emotional and behavioral needs. One such event is the always appreciated OCEC Conference which you can link to below for more details. I look forward to seeing you there! 

Ontario Council for

Exceptional Children

56th Annual Special Education Conference


Collaborate, Educate, and Celebrate!

November 30 – December 1, 2012

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Ontario CEC

57th Annual Special Education Conference

 For those of you whom are simply waiting for a final nudge – its not too late to book today for the CCBD Annual Conference in Chicago (September 26-28)!!! It is certain to be a very worthwhile, educational, and entertaining weekend (the Windy City after all – home of the Blues and so much more….). Presentation and registration information is on the CCBD home page….


Thank you for your interest and continued service in assisting all students to reach their fullest potential. Working together, assisting and learning from one another is the most effective way to enhance the live of the students and youth we serve...

Mike Parr

Communities of Practice in the National COP on School Behavioral Health

Part 4 in a series of discussions about the COP

In this 4th discussion about Communities of Practice on School Behavioral Health, we will look at brief descriptions of each of the communities. Many of you have interest in or skill with these communities. As you learn about them, consider joining one or more so that you may share information with others, and gain information from others.

But before you begin, just remember: A “community” only happens with relationships. Getting to know someone who shares the goal of successful and happy students is the essence of a community. These relationships don’t happen because of a school or agency policy; you may need the support of your employer, but effective communities only happen with relationships.

Building a Collaborative Culture for Student Mental Health Practice Group This practice group has as its primary objective to promote the active exchange of ideas and collaboration between school employed and community employed mental health providers, educators, and families.

Connecting School Mental Health with Juvenile Justice and Dropout Prevention Practice Group This practice group is committed to working across stakeholder groups to advance knowledge and best practice related to effectively linking school mental health with juvenile justice and dropout prevention.

Connecting School Mental Health and Positive Behavior Supports Practice Group This practice group is a conduit for families, researchers, administrators, and practitioners to find common interests and practices related to school mental health (SMH) and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS).

Education: An Essential Component of Systems of Care Practice Group This practice group is focused on the role of schools as significant partners with other child-serving, community agencies/organizations and families in improving outcomes for children and youth with, or at risk of, mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges.

Families in Partnership with Schools and Communities Practice Group This practice group embodies family driven principles and is led by family members.

Improving School Mental Health for Youth with Disabilities Practice Group The purpose of this practice group is to promote collaboration between schools and school systems, mental health agencies, service providers, youth, caregivers, and other key stakeholders to facilitate the delivery of quality mental health services to students with disabilities in the school setting.

Learning the Language: Promoting Effective Ways for Interdisciplinary Collaboration Practice Group The goal of this practice group is to foster communication used in mental health and education systems.

Psychiatry and Schools Practice Group This group focuses on issues related to psychiatric services in schools. Both mental health services themselves and the organization and delivery of these services are of interest to this group.

Quality and Evidence-Based Practice Practice Group The mission of the QEBP practice group is to share information across individuals and groups interested in improving the quality of school mental health (SMH) programs and services and discuss, promote, and disseminate evidence based practices (EBPs) in SMH.

Mental Health for Military Families Practice Group The vision of this practice group is to develop and implement a comprehensive array of school programs and services to support military students, family, and community.

School Mental Health for Culturally Diverse Youth Practice Group This practice group will focus on the practice, theory, and research specific to culturally diverse youth in the schools.

Youth Involvement and Leadership Practice Group This practice group is focused on advancing youth involvement and leadership in school mental health.

To learn more about these communities, and to perhaps join one or more of the groups, visit Select “School Behavioral Health” from the home page and being exploring. All of these communities welcome anyone who is interested to join and get involved in the discussions.

Mike Paget, Treasurer, National CCBD


Join us for the 2013 CCBD Conference in Chicago!

 Conference Session Schedule Now Available!




Featured Speaker Spotlight

Wendy Oakes is an Assistant Professor in Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. She is interested in practices that improve the educational outcomes for young children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Her areas of research focus on school-wide systems for supporting students with and at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders three-tiered models from a prevention perspective, the implementation of evidence-based academic and behavioral interventions; and professional development for classroom teachers and school administrators in implementing these models of prevention with fidelity.

Kathleen Lane is a former general and special education classroom teacher and one of the foremost researchers in the field of ED. Kathleen has been a popular featured speaker at numerous professional conferences and has written extensively about issues relating to both academic and behavioral interventions.  Kathleen has and continues to serve as student mentor and is a valued colleague to many in the field. We are confident that you will learn more about current research when you attend the session Kathleen is co-presenting.

Dr. Oakes and Dr. Lane will discuss the following:


Title:  A Look at Systematic Screenings for Behavior Challenges within Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-tiered Models of Prevention Description:  Universal screening is an essential component of three-tiered models of prevention and intervention. This session will provide an introduction to Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-tiered (CI3T) Model of Prevention which address academic, behavioral, and social domains, with an emphasis on the importance of systematic screenings. Several behavioral screening tools will be introduced and examples of how to use these data to (a) monitor overall levels of risk in a building, (c) inform teacher-level supports, and (c) connect students to Tier 2 and 3 supports.


Timothy J. Landrum is a former classroom teacher who has written extensively about working with students with ED and about issues surrounding evidence-based practices. Among his many publications is the Kauffman and Landrum textbook entitled, "Characteristics of emotional and behavioral disorders of children and youth", one of the most popular characteristics textbooks in the field. We encourage you to sit in on the panel discussion on closing the research to practice gap and to be part of that important conversation.

Dr. Landrum's session on research:

Title:  Research in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: What We Know and What We Need to Know

Abstract:  Despite a rich history and tradition of research into the nature, causes, and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders, students with EBD continue to (a) experience among the poorest school and life outcomes of any subgroup of students with or without disabilities, and (b) present extreme challenges to their schools, families, and communities.  In this session, Dr. Landrum  briefly reviews some of the major accomplishments the special education research enterprise has produced, and which forms the foundation of effective intervention and treatment for students with EBD. He then lays out a suggested research agenda that may be necessary if we are to successfully build upon our history's foundation and move toward improved outcomes for students with EBD and their families.



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